Welcome to Restock Gaming, a veteran-owned and operated Esports services company based in Texas. Since 2020, we have been a fair venue to compete in online-based Call of Duty Warzone tournaments. With the help of our Esports team, the Restock Bots, we have over 200 successful events on our resume. Enjoy your free Warzone gamer card upon making an account and start ranking up.

Creating an account gives you access to your personnel gamer card, WZ 2.0, Caldera stats, and custom tournaments where you can earn RExp and Botcoins.

Edit your profile to add your own profile image, gamer card text, and social media icons.  You can share your custom gamer card to your Twitter!

Join custom tournaments with your friends to win Botcoins and RExp!

Restock Gaming is here to fulfill your retro gaming needs. Consoles and games are available for purchase during our live auctions on Whatnot. Take advantage of our referral code below to receive a $10 credit that will be applied to your first purchase.

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Our flip flops and sandals are made from leather, military-grade nylon, and proprietary rubber to increase traction across any terrain. Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Our Afghan made scarves, shemaghs, are made in a woman owned factory in Kabul.

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